A Path for Becoming an Agile Carrier

July 21, 2017

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Grow and Simplify Your Network Has Expanded

Inteliquent has received substantial interest in our Local Connect Solution from a variety of carriers. For VoIP service providers, we are happy to announce expansion to include AT&T and CenturyLink markets.

A Complete Solution

Local Connect is designed to be a complete solution eliminating the need for existing public switched telephone network (PSTN) connectivity for inbound traffic from both LECs and IXC providers. This replaces the need for separate, carrier interconnections to receive traffic and is especially attractive for providers operating expensive interconnection networks or seeking a method for eliminating TDM infrastructure from their network completely.

Simple Interconnection Enables Rapid Expansion

Customers find this solution ideal for enabling a broad service area through a single provider interconnection. Inteliquent provides a nationwide footprint without requiring additional interconnections. Also, with both SIP and TDM options available, this greatly reduces dependence on TDM interconnections, enabling rapid and inexpensive expansion into new markets.

Retain All the Carrier Benefits

All of this is accomplished via the Inteliquent Local Connect service while retaining all benefits of remaining a carrier. Local Connect customers preserve their identity in industry databases, and telephone numbers reflect existing company ownership. Customers maintain control of enhanced services, allowing Local Connect to blend easily into existing operational processes. Development of new ordering interfaces or inventory management processes is not needed. Local Number Portability (LNP) and emergency services (911), along with everything else, stay under existing procedures.

How It Works

Inteliquent aggregates connections from the following sources and delivers inbound calls from the PSTN directly to the customer.

  • Local Calls arrive over LEC local interconnection trunking
  • Long Distance Calls arrive over Inteliquent's direct connection with IXC carriers
  • Local Transit Calls arrive over Inteliquent's direct connections with Wireless, MSO and CLEC carriers

To learn more about Local Connect, reach out to Inteliquent sales at 855.404.4768 or email info@inteliquent.com.


John Nickey joined Inteliquent in 2014 as Director of Product Development for Local Connect and Local Voice Services. He is currently the subject matter expert responsible for the growth of Inteliquent's Local Connect services. John has over 20 years of experience within the telecommunications industry including management positions at companies like Level(3) and Bandwidth.com.

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