Inteliquent's Gateway Tandem service allows service providers to order phone numbers direct from NANPA and to better control your overall service experience such as local number porting (LNP), directory listings (DL) and emergency services (e911). Furthermore, unlike the traditional CLEC model, Inteliquent's Gateway Tandem service eliminates your fixed network hardware costs, helps you avoid monthly recurring charges for network elements and simplifies your operational support model around running a local voice network. Combined with a success-based pricing model where you only pay for what you use, Gateway Tandem gives you more financial upside with less operational complexity. Gateway Tandem is the perfect service for service providers who directly serve end users utilizing Inteliquent ICAs or for carriers with established ICAs.

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• Improve scale and time to market

• Leverage Inteliquent’s network to grow your customer base

• Avoid building and managing local networks to service your end users

• Add capacity in new markets without adding network

• Convert your legacy TDM infrastructure to all-IP

why Inteliquent?

• Avoid monthly recurring telephone number costs with DID solutions

• Bill for allowable intercarrier compensation elements

• Go all IP and decommission your legacy TDM infrastructure

• Industry-leading customer service and support

• US-based 24/7 NOC and Customer Care

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Need a price quote? Monthly recurring and usage-based options are available, depending on geography and customer classification.

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